Li'l Gid Gid is a major antagonist in the Pokemon Universe. He is constantly trying to "unlock the Seeis", that is, get his hands on them. And when he's not trying to acquire the Seeis, he's trying to kidnap King Dedede.

History Edit

First Appearance Edit

Li'l Gid Gid first appeared in Pokemon Bisque when he was trying to kidnap Dedede. But he quickly realized that unlocking the secrets of the Bells was more important, and left.

After he had found out about the Bells, he realized it was too late to get them because Rainbow already had them. He noticed the Darkness surrounding Soul Tower, and headed there immediately.

Soul Tower Edit

After Rainbow was defeated, Li'l Gid Gid thanked the player and the Phoenix Foundation for defeating Rainbow, saying that if it weren't for them, he never would have been able to "unlock the seeis". He then battled the player. After he was defeated, the Bells broke. He swore vengeance on the Phoenix Foundation and left to kidnap Dedede once again.

Trivia Edit

  • Li'l Gid Gid is from a meme video, H.A.I.G.B. 5 (Her Aim Is Gettin' Better Five - The Movie).
  • The first person to get their hands on a Seeis wasn't actually Gid Gid, it was Kirby.