Ryo Hagane, or better known as Phoenix, is a character in the Everything is Connected Multiverse. He is the leader of the Phoenix Foundation, an agency built around the protection of legendary Pokemon.

He specializes in Fire-type Pokemon.

History Edit

Phoenix first appeared in Pokemon Bisque as an Elite Four Member and recurring character.

Rainbow's Plan Edit

After Rainbow corrupted Ho-Oh, Phoenix came to the rescue. He tried to battle Shadow Ho-Oh, and was defeated. He then told the player that they were the only one who could defeat the Darkness. And after they did, he told the player a story about how Thamill defeated the Darkness many years ago.

Soul Tower Edit

Inside of Soul Tower, Phoenix helped the player by giving them some useful items, and advice.

After Rainbow was defeated on the top of Soul Tower, Phoenix and Arima came to try and put a stop to the Void's destruction of the universe, but Phoenix was shot by Rainbow. He came back, declaring that he was the Immortal Phoenix. He didn't really do anything to help, though.

Powers Edit

Flight Edit

Phoenix is able to fly using his cape. It seems to have been specially made for that purpose.

Immortality Edit

Somehow, Phoenix can never die. That's where he gets the name "The Immortal Phoenix", but how he acquired this power is unknown, seeing as how he is a regular human.

Notable Pokemon Edit

His signature Pokemon is a Blaziken which is able to Mega Evolve.

Mega blaziken artwork

Its moves are: Blaze Kick, Sky Uppercut, Earthquake, and Brave Bird.

His other Pokemon are Arcanine, Pidgeot, Talonflame, Rapidash, and Magmortar.

Trivia Edit

  • Phoenix has a habit of appearing, saying "HRR!", and then disappearing. Sometimes this is a Zombie Amon.