The Void is the home universe of Albert and Trebla. It is where they constantly battle for dominion over the Multiverse.

Entering the Void is nearly impossible. The only ways to open a portal to the Void are if Albert or Trebla simply let you in, or if you use the Bells in a certain way.

The Battlefield Edit

The Battlefield of the Void, or also known as the Infinite Void of Albert Trebla, is where Albert and Trebla do their battling, mostly in the forms of Ganondorf and Wolf, respectively. This is where the Battle for the Land of Trophies took place.

The OFF Button Edit

This button turns off the entire Multiverse. So far, no one has pushed it.

Albert Court Edit

The Albert Court is where Albert, Trebla, and the Fates make important decisions for the Multiverse. For example, sentencing something to Safety Straws, or balancing something using the OP Scale.

Safety Straws Edit

Order order in the court! I dub you the clumsy sort! By the dictates of our laws I sentence you to Safety Straws...

Safety Straws is a black hole where Albert, Trebla, and the Fates send things that are too silly, too weird, too overpowered, or simply things that don't belong in the Everything is Connected canon. Things that are sent here are removed from all timelines in all universes. An archive is stored on the inside, but it is impossible to reach without getting sucked in yourself.

The OP Scale Edit

The OP Scale is a giant scale that measures how overpowered something or someone is. If something is too overpowered, it will continue to nerf it until it is balanced with the rest of Everything is Connected characters or artifacts of the same tier.