Huh? I'm a lay 'ay? I'm Trebla-y looking for an exit! Get that through your thick skull!

Trebla is a character of the Everything is Connected Multiverse. He resides in the Void, and was created by the Fates to fight Albert endlessly in a battle for dominion over the universes.

He is the twin brother of Albert.

History Edit

You saw that guy, right? He looked so worried! There's gotta be something suspicious about that.

First Appearance Edit

The first time Trebla showed his face was in a house in the Sinhoh region, where he talked to someone about Albert. He then chased Albert into the Portal of Worlds, where eventually Albert met a dead end. Albert teleported away, but at least he wasn't in the Sinhoh region anymore.

Albert's Plan Edit

Later on, in the Bisque region, Trebla was there when Albert revealed himself to a Trainer who had defeated John Cena. Albert revealed that he had appointed John Cena the Champion of the Bisque region just to surprise the Trainer.

After Trebla found out that Albert had been messing with the game, Trebla gave the player a Gold Ticket so that they could go to Johto, where Albert was planning to corrupt the universe.

After Albert broadcasted a message to the residents of Johto that the universe is fake, Trebla figured out that Albert was trying to contact Discord, and he and the player went to Glitter Lighthouse.

At Glitter Lighthouse, Trebla, Arima, and the player found Discord, who tricked them into playing his game in the Portal of Worlds. Trebla helped the player look for Discord until he was trapped inside My Master Plan.

Inside the Portal of Worlds, Trebla found the room where he first confronted Albert. They were both trapped, so they made a deal with Bill Cipher to set them free, in exchange for the Chaos Heart.

After Discord was defeated and the Chaos Heart was destroyed, Trebla talked to the player about Rainbow before disappearing.

In the Alternia Region Edit

Trebla made a cameo in Pokemon: The Next Chapter, where he was blocking the way to a lighthouse in Delfino City.

Powers Edit

Trebla has infinite power over any given universe if Albert is not there to counter him. The more people that believe that the universe is real, the more powerful Trebla becomes, and the less powerful Albert becomes.

Trebla only uses his power to rewind time when Albert does anything too dangerous, as he doesn't want anything bad to happen to the universe itself, but doesn't want to interfere too much.

Trivia Edit

  • Trebla is Albert backwards, because he does essentially the opposite of what Albert does.