Universes are realities created by the Fates. They each have their own time and space and all of their contents. Usually these universes are based off universe from a different multiverse, created by different Fates. These universes also contain different dimensions, which are usually alternate versions of each other, with some slight to major differences.

List of Universes Edit

This is a list of universes in the Everything is Connected Multiverse. Note that this list is not complete, and most likely never will be.

  • Pokemon Universe
  • Avatar Universe
  • Mario Universe
  • Sonic Universe
  • Looney Tunes Universe
  • Doctor Who Universe
  • Marvel Universe

Universal Travel Edit

The act of crossing universes is called a Universal Travel. Not to be confused with Dimensional Jump, which is the act of crossing dimensions. This can be done in many ways, mostly involving a portal in a universal hub. However, there are more ways of crossing universes such as using legendary artifacts, or by traversing the Furthest Ring.

Universal Hubs Edit

A universal hub is a structure or location containing one or more portals to different universes. These may or may not be one-way portals. They exist in many universes, and most universes have at least one portal.

Magic Beans Edit

The most reliable way to travel universes is using a Magic Bean. They will open a portal to any universe you desire. However, they are consumed on use. Paired with the fact that these are extremely hard to come by, most people choose to find a portal to the universe they want to go to instead. The only known farm of Magic Beans is in Daffy Duck's Castle.