Yubam Endall is a character in the Everything is Connected Multiverse. He has hidden wings that let him fly, he can slow down time, and he can explode to destroy an entire universe.

History Edit

Yubam Endall first appeared in a game where Bugs Bunny needed him to deliver a letter to John. After a long journey, he did, and it was revealed that John was actually John Cena.

Pokemon - The Next Chapter Edit

When Chara took over the Pokemon Universe, Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck got his help. Bugs Bunny threatened that if Chara didn't back down, Yubam Endall would explode and the universe would be destroyed. Chara agreed, and balance was restored to the world. Mostly.

Gaster's Demise Edit

After that, it was revealed that Gaster was the one who inspired Daffy to try and destroy the Fates. After Gaster was defeated by the player's Pokemon, Yubam destroyed the pocket universe and Gaster with it.

Powers Edit

Yubam Endall has a lot of powers, including...

Universal Destruction Edit

Yubam Endall is able to explode to destroy an entire universe.

Flight Edit

Yubam Endall can grow wings and fly.

Time Reduction Edit

Yubam can slow down time for everyone but himself, enabling him to move around very quickly.

Godmodding Edit

Yubam Endall also has slight godmodding abilities, but usually he can only use them if someone else is godmodding or making a game too long.

Trivia Edit

  • Yubam Endall, like U-Bomb End All?! Yep! BOOM